Saucey Sauce in Fairway & Albertsons!

The Saucey Sauce Co. is thrilled to announce that shoppers can find all-natural and outrageously savory Vietnamese sauces in 105 new locations!

A few short years ago, in their Brooklyn kitchen, co-founders Ken and Toan Huynh, began putting modern twists on their Mom’s beloved Vietnamese fish sauce recipe. During dinner parties, friends raved and began bringing their own bottles to take the savory sauces home. Ken and Toan always knew their sauces were amazing, but with their friends’ enthusiasm, these feisty food entrepreneurs took the plunge and introduced American taste buds to the very first ready-to-use Vietnamese sauces.

Named “Nước Chấm” (say it!! Nook Chum), The Saucey Sauce Co. makes these traditional home-style sauces with 100 percent all-natural ingredients like fresh garlic, chilies, lemon and ginger.

“Every family has their own version of Nuoc Cham  and ours has the authentic taste of our family’s love, history and legacy, said Toan. Made with all-natural ingredients and first-press premium fish sauce from the famous Phu Quoc islands, these family-style dressings and marinades are based on our family’s beloved recipes. The Saucey Sauce Co’s Nuoc Cham is a taste of the Vietnamese kitchen – fresh, savory and delicious.”

Now with major national distribution at stores like Safeway, Whole Foods, Central Market, Williams-Sonoma, and many other major and boutique retailers, Americans across the country are discovering not only The Saucey Sauce Co., but Nuoc Cham – which is an extremely versatile condiment that can be used as marinades, dressings, finishing, cooking and dipping sauces – really for just about anything! They help food enthusiasts take dishes from mild to wild with zero fat and only 25 calories per serving. Also, GMO, gluten, dairy, soy and oil-free – many custom eaters will find these flavors a great addition to their pantry!


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