Founder, Toan, in Edible Manhattan

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own food based business?

Think you’ve got the next great food product?

Well there is good news for foodie hopefuls who are looking to share their ideas with a hungry audience.

Over the past couple years, as food based businesses have grown locally,  venture capital firms have taken notice. Now, there are many more options for aspiring foodies to find financing to make their dreams a reality.

A few weeks ago Edible Manhattan covered the story, and The Saucey Sauce’s founder, Toan, got the chance to weigh in on the new funding streams. Edible wrote,

Toan Huynh, an angel investor who founded a successful “cloud computing” company, now invests in food start-ups, including New York Distilling Co., started by Tom Potter, a cofounder of the Brooklyn Brewery. She and her brother Ken have even bootstrapped their own start-up, Saucey Sauces, which makes a line of Vietnamese jarred sauces based on their mother’s recipes.

Taking from her own success with The Saucey Sauce, Toan knows

“There’s a huge appetite for food start-ups,” says Huynh, 

To find out more about companies taking the food world by storm, read the full article, here.

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