Ketchup’s Little Known History..

Most people know ketchup as the iconic sweet and savory tomato based American condiment that pairs best with burgers and fries. Few know that ketchup’s roots actually begin in South East Asia, not as a tomato based condiment, but as a salty sauced of picked fish known as ke-chiap. 

So, how then, did ketchup evolve into the product we know and love today?

It all started when English explorers made their way to South East Asia and discovered the exciting tastes available in this region. Ke-chiap made its way back to England, and over the years the components of the condiment evolved with the savory tomato based version we know today emerging in the early 1800’s. The rest, well, is history.

At the Saucey Sauce Co. we highlight ketchup’s little known history by infusing our rich tomato based with South East Asian spices, and turning up the heat a bit with the addition of HOT Habaneros. The result is a complex ketchup that is perfect to use anywhere you would use regular ketchup.

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