Celebrating Lunar New Year

January 31st – typically parents would go to temple at midnight and have a huge meal before hand. food: two of everything whole fish, apples, grapes, etc for prosperity and luck. double happiness. very common word and it culturally significant. We do a ceremony at home to offer to honor our anscestors. bleeds into the sauces because its an offering and we are honoring our grandparents and our mom etc etc Not allowed to throw garbage out. the way you are the first day of lunar new year is the way you are for the rest of the year. Day of intentions. Happy. Sweep away good fortune. do all your cleaning the day before. Spend time with family after the meal. around 11 we would go to temple and there is a lunar ceremony.  At the temple you do an incense offering – get a fortune for the year. guidelines for the year. Come home to hong bao – shes put various amounts of money. always ends in 88 double happinness symbol. blindfolded and we would pull the bag down and that was our money bag for the year. Lunar day at midnight.  sing a song. go to sleep. late night. Spend the day with family. more eating. more sauces.

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