Vietnamese Women’s Day

On October 20th, Vietnam celebrates its National Women’s Day, even though it is not a public holiday, it’s celebrated all over the country. This day is a good time to reflect on the progress women have made & celebrate the courage and determination of the women who had played a key role in the Vietnamese history.

On Women’s Day, the Vietnamese showed love and respect for the women, their beauty & all their achievements throughout the years in all the spheres of society. For instance, men cook and do all the housework, give flowers & chocolates, write poems, or take out women for dinner.

The Saucey Sauce team, wished all the Vietnamese women a very happy day, especially to Toan Cam Huynh – our founder-. She’s a successful career woman, a proud daughter, mother, sister and friend to all the amazing people in her life! We thank you for keeping your mom’s tradition alive!

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