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Brown Sugar Ginger Glaze
This savory glaze is a delicious combination of fresh spicy ginger and sweet organic brown sugar.  It’s perfect for glazing seafood and meats (our favorites are salmon, scallops, wings, ribs & chops). Also great as a finishing sauce for roasted or sauteed veggies.

Spicy Garlic
This signature sauce is our Mom’s recipe – handed down from mother to mother for over 100 years. Made by blending fresh Asian birds-eye chilies, fresh chopped garlic and a touch of sweetness from organic brown sugar. It’s fiery kick and savory flavors complement just about anything. Great for steaks, shrimp, chicken, fish or veggies, it’s best used as a marinade, cooking and dressing.

Sweet Ginger
A must for any foodie who loves ginger! Made with “first-press” fish sauce and blended with fresh tingly ginger and organic brown sugar. The mellow sweetness and a well-balanced ginger zing is perfect for fish, chicken, stir-fries or Asian-inspired noodle salads. Great for a vinaigrette, marinade and especially dipping dumplings!

Sweet Jalapeño Ketchup
Our Sweet Jalapeño Ketchup is our take on an American favorite. This savory ketchup is made with fresh tomatoes, spicy jalapeno peppers and a touch of sweetness from organic brown sugar. It can be used to replace your plain ‘ol ketchup for an unexpected (and addictive) kick!


Gluten-Free |  Fat-Free  |  Oil-Free  |  Low Calorie  |  Dairy-Free  |  Soy-Free

All of our savory sauces start with “first-press” fish sauce from Vietnam’s famed Phú Quốc islands.

Three 8.45 fl oz bottles (sauces) & One 15 oz bottle (Ketchup)

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