About Us

Our Story…

The Saucey Sauce Co. is a family-owned and operated company specializing in making outrageously savory, delicious, and all-natural sauces based on their mom’s tried-and-true of Vietnamese dressings and marinades. Sibling founders Ken and Toan got the idea to bottle  their sauces when friends kept asking to take sauce home after dinner parties they hosted in Brooklyn. Thus, The Saucey Sauce Co. was born!

Our savory sauces are made with fresh ingredients. We use premium “first press” Vietnamese fish sauce, carefully blended with fresh and natural ingredients such as garlic, chilies, lemon and ginger. The results are some delicious and unforgettable sauces that are great as a savory salad dressing, marinade, dipping sauce or simply as flavorful sauce to complement any meal!

For more information about the Saucey Sauce Co. download our playbook. 

What makes Saucey Sauce Co. so Unique?

We believe food, like life, doesn’t have to be bland. 

We believe that products made with an eye to both tradition and flavor will always be in demand. 

We know that using natural and fresh ingredients is better for us, for the Earth and for business.